PEGASO Type-105

Barcelona, ​​November 17, 2015 - Coming soon the new video of DIESTRO : PEGASO Type- 105


Mapping Merce Barcelona 2015

Barcelona, 17 September 2015DIESTRO team has been working this summer in the direction and production of the mapping mythical City of Barcelona during the Fiestas de la Mercé.


DIESTRO wins the Silver World Medal in New York Festivals 2015

Barcelona, 29 May 2015The New York Festivals has given the World Gold Medal in Art Direction: Promotion/Open & IDs  category to the studio for the piece "NBA 2014/2015".

Associated production of Diestro.TV in short film Adam Peiper

Barcelona, 17 March 2015 DIESTRO team engages in the co-production of short film ADAM PEIPER.

ADAM PEIPER is a short film written and directed by Mónica Mateo.
Produced by Lasdelcine Producciones Audiovisuales, Hugo Serra Andueza and Dosdecatorce Producciones, with the associated production of and La última chica.
Cast: Luis Bermejo, Maru Valdivielso and Octavi Pujades.

Premiered at the XXVI Film Festival Horror and Fantasy of San Sebastian.

The 15th Latin Grammy Awards nominated Diestro work

This year's Latin Grammy Awards consideration included the latest DIESTRO's Videoclip

Barcelona, 25 November 2014 – It was almost like a dream when early this year DIESTRO recieved the nomination for Best Video at the 15th Latin Grammy Awards for it's work on the “Me llaman” video for the Nach's rapper artist hit. The director Javi Gutierrez was invited to this year's show and his work was very well recieved by the festival's jury. "We'll keep on working hard and sincerely congratulate all the winners."


Diestro works on the 44th Laus festival

The 44th Laus festival gave the Bronze Award TV/Cinema Identity for the “Generacion NBA” created at the studio

Barcelona, 22 June 2014 – Between the amazing works on this year edition, the 44th Laus jury has awarded DIESTRO with the Bronze Award TV/Cinema Identity on it's “Generación NBA” TV show opening. It was made using a mixture of traditional techniques that flow together in whole dynamic opening. Also the studio made the design of the new TV Show's recording studio to shape it into the new graphic style developed for the opening.


Diestro wins the World Gold Medal in animation

The World Gold Medal in animation was given by New York Festivals 2014 to the studio

Barcelona, 9 April 2014 – It's been a hard month and sometimes good news cheer up the team at Diestro. The New York Festivals has given the World Gold Medal in Animation: Promotion/Open & IDs  category to the studio for the piece “Goldberg” used on the fall 2013 promotion of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Television Iberia's AXN Network. The animation is based on the chain reaction that brings all the network's shows together in a smart and fashionable way. It was a hot summer for the team and we congratulate everyone involved in this project.

nyf.png DIESTRO_AXN_0239.png DIESTRO_AXN_0176.png

Showroom in Select D

Select D presented Diestro's works

Barcelona, 18 October 2013Select D featured Hugo BASISM and David Fernández, DIESTRO's creative directors. They showed some of their previous works and had a really good acceptance by the atendees.


Iab Mixx Russia conference 2013

Barcelona, 1 May 2013 - Under the claim “follow the lines”, Mixx Russia Conference 2013 becomes the largest conference of interactive advertising industry in several countries organizad by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) anually.

 IAB is the world's leading industrial association of digital markets, headquartered in New York (USA), has offices in more than 40 countries, including the Russian Federation.


Latest 42th Laus 2012 Awards for Diestro

The studio has obtained two Laus Awards on the festival's 2012 edition

Barcelona, 17 June 2012 – The Festival was really amazing this year. Lately the Laus are the reference for any design or motion graphic work. In this edition DIESTRO was mentioned and got a hold on two prestigious awards,  Silver Best TV Show image for “360” and Bronze Best Animation for “Koi”. This Awards were welcome by the studio members whom has spend lots of hours refining the works to their final state.

diestro_laus.png DIESTRO_360_01.png DIESTRO_KOI_01.png