Volkswagen wanted to promote a series of Golf which emits less co2 and were an ipod was standard. In this 40” TVC, we see how the iGolf car travels through a city while musical keynotes keep spilling out of its interior and play along with the surroundings. The music is the only pollution this car produces.

The work line of illustration was very clear but at the same time we wanted to obtain a sensation of volume and space. Our solution was mapping the illustrations of the buildings onto huge cubes modeled in 3D which constructed the scenario. The style of the illustrations gave all the details to the 3D models of the buildings. We even forged the shadows to get an interpretation of the lighting through the illustrations. Later on we added lots of two-dimensional details to the video (electric cables, lampposts, paper bins, etc) and placed them so they would give the composition more depth.


Directed and produced by: DIESTRO

Client: Tandem DDB / Volskwagen.
Art Direction: Javier Gutierrez, David Fernandez y Txema Alguacil
Animation Direction: Hugo Basism.
3D & VFX: Physalia.
Compositing: Hugo Basism.
Postproduction: Hugo Basism & Custom FX.
Concepts & Design: David Fernandez, Javier Gutierrez y Txema Alguacil
Storyboard: Alexis Fibla.
Production: Míriam Romero.
Music: Hot 8 Brass Band.