Archaic Festivals RedBull TV / Red Bull

We developed the graphic package of the new RedBullTv program, Archaic Festivals.


With this program RedBull wants to bring people from all over the world to the patron saint festivities and traditions of the most diverse places in Europe. For the header we use as a concept the festival of the city Granadina de Baza and its popular Cascamorras.

In this project we were able to experiment with the technique of 3D scanning and work with animations with handmade fonts for the logo.


Produced and Directed by: DIESTRO

Director: Javier Gutierrez y Hugo Basism
MotionGraphics and VFX Director: Hugo Basism
Director 3D: David Campasol

Executive production: RedBull Media House
Production: Gala Torres

Art direction: Javier Gutierrez

3D Artists: Rene Acuña, Adam Sullastres.
VFX and Compositting: Hugo Basism y Paul Morron.

Sound Design and Mixing:  RedBull Media House